Hamilton Beach is yet another manufacturer of kitchen appliances that has earned a name in the field. With items that matches top standards, they are certainly leaving a mark in the industry. Durability, speed and a good clean-up system are among the many good qualities you can expect from Hamilton Beach toaster ovens.

Known to be somewhat long lasting, the Hamilton Beach toaster ovens are certainly worth checking out when you shop for kitchen appliances. The Hamilton Beach Toastation toaster ovens are a good series to look for. Here are a few of my opinions on some of their selected oven.

Hamilton Beach 22703 Toastation

Hamilton Beach 22703 Toastation

As an all-in-one appliance, Hamilton Beach Toastation is considered cheaper than if you bought a toaster and another toaster oven. The top is for making toast while the bottom functions as an oven. It toasts as well as more expensive toaster ovens but if you’re looking for a top-notch oven, this may not be the one.

The fact that you can make anything for this anytime of the day means that it won’t be a white elephant in your kitchen. Whether it is toast for breakfast, hors d’oeuvres or snacks for guests or pizza bread for late-night snacks, it will do it all.

Since it has a dual function, it doesn’t take up space compared to when I first bought two different appliances, namely a toaster and then another toaster oven. So, it has saved me lots of space where I can put other things.

Beautiful Look
This is a great conversation starter for any guest who enters your kitchen, instead of the usual small talk about the weather as it not only looks great but you can also explain the specialty of this dual function!

Longer Cooking Time
As mentioned, it is not exactly a full-fledged top-rated oven, so you might need to wait a little longer for your food to be fully heated and cooked.

Not So Accurate Temperature
If you want to cook major things, then this might not be the appliance for you but I’m not too fussed about things and prefer making and/ or reheating small meals/ snacks, so I’m perfectly fine with this inexpensive model.

Further Information:
There’s quite a number left of stock for Hamilton Beach Toastation – Red (22703H), so feel free to check it out here:

If you want to cook major things, then this Hamilton Beach toaster oven might not be the appliance for you but I’m not too fussed about things and prefer making and/or reheating small meals/snacks, so I’m perfectly fine with this inexpensive model.

Hamilton Beach 22708 Toastation 2-Slice Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach 22708 Toastation

This Hamilton Beach toaster oven is a good pick if you’re in for a basic, small toaster oven. Though it ain’t any smaller than a regular 4-slice, it does save countertop space. This unit is also commended for excellent and fast toasting, and fairly decent baking, though the small insides may not allow you to bake anything as big as a 12″ pizza. It is a perfect choice for a quick meal.

However, if you do plan to purchase this unit you may want to beware of the fact that cleaning up may require a little more work, as the crumbs tend to stick to the heating element below making it difficult to clean up.

Hamilton Beach 22708H toaster oven is what it looks like, a nice compact toaster/oven. It is not very large, so don’t expect to fit 6 pieces of bread in it, but if you have a small kitchen with small counters, it is a great buy.

Manufacturer Product Description:

  • Extra-wide 1-1/2-Inch slots in the top easily fit thicker breads and bagels for conventional toasting
  • Oven temperature controls
  • Automatic toaster shutoff
  • Toaster oven fits up to two 16″ pizza slices
  • Removable crumb

User Feedback:

This toaster oven have couple of good praise and complaint too:

The good: Small Size, Transition Design

“After reading all the reviews including the ones with negative comments, I bought the toaster to try myself—small size was a PRIORITY and liked the sharp style/appearance. Have used it for a month now–would buy it again—I use it only for toasting bread/bagels etc and short warm ups of some food items–which is why I bought it. If you plan to do major cooking and baking buy another model. The flaws: to stop toasting you must put dial on “oven mode” which may compress your bread a little …”
R.W from Amazon user feedback

The Bad: Some Design Flaw, Uneven toasting, Too Small and etc, you can read more at the amazon review here:

It toasts a bit unevenly, but I am not picky about that type of stuff. Also, it can get very hot, so you need to be careful not to burn the tops of items.

Hamilton Beach Countertop Convection Oven

Hamilton Beach 31199R Countertop 1.1-Cubic-Foot Convection Oven

This Hamilton Beach toaster oven can most definitely be classified as another customer pleaser. With its large capacity that may be just the thing for family-sized meals, the 31199R ensures you get your large portions cooked perfectly. It also heats up quickly, saving more of your precious time, and even cools down fast after use.

Hamilton Beach Product Description

Counter top convection rotisserie oven has 1.1 cubic foot interior for cooking large meals. Dual cooking racks . Rotisserie kit included for cooking up to 5 lb chicken or roast. Convection setting cooks up to 30% faster . Includes bake pan , front pull-out crumb tray . 2 Hour automatic shut off timer . Stainless steel front panel design for durability & easy clean-up.

  • Large 1.1 cu.ft size
  • Rotisserie kit included
  • Dual cooking racks
  • Convection setting
  • Stainless Steel accents

User Feedback:

I think this Hamilton Beach toaster oven have received quite number of amazon user helpful reviews and here I cut and paste couple of them for your reference:

The Bad:

“I bought this oven because I thought it would save energy instead of heating up the large oven. This Hamilton Beach oven got so hot that I was afraid that it was a fire hazard. The top and sides and back get dangerously hot” – Nashville Nancy

The Good:

This is an amazing oven, well worth the price. Everything we made so far, from simple French Fries to complete chicken rotisserie style, came out perfect … The oven is large enough to fit a 4 pound chicken and still rotate it and the meat stays a LOT juicier than any rotisserie chicken you buy at your grocery store. The oven heats up very quick. This is essential to me since I often attempt not so trivial dishes that start out with low to mid temperature baking or convection baking and end with a phase of high heat broiling ..” – Jan

“This oven fits 9×13″ pans and two(!) 12-cup muffin tins IF the pans don’t have a large rim or handles on either end” – Megan

“Best priced oven and size of oven for the price. I use it almost everyday, it cooks pizza just like it says. I have used the rotiserrie 4 times now, got to be sure you tie the chicken well. Hard to find the string ties, but you can use the 100 percent cotton thick yarn string that you crochet with. I toast sandwiches, cooked fish, just about everything, you can sqeeze in it. Yes, it does get hot all over the outside. just dont sit anything closer than 5 or 6 inches on top or sides or back, so it will get plenty of air,and not get stuff around it too hot. Suggest buying your own 12×12 pans and glass ware, because the pans included start to warp, and wont sit flat. But you can still use them to catch grease. Overall i love it, and would buy it again and again” – A Customer

There is really nothing bad to say about this unit, except perhaps the fact that it lets out too much heat when in use, heating up the surroundings. With a little precaution, this issue is definitely a no issue. Here is something you can surely purchase with confidence!

Hamilton Beach 31197R Countertop Oven

Hamilton Beach 31197 Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie

Designed to be a budget convection toaster oven, the 31197R is simply less costly than most others. It is also large, giving you greater capacity that allows for greater portions to be prepared. Customers have also praised the fact that this unit comes with an automatic shut-off. Durability, another quality of interest especially when you’re getting something that costs less, is also another quality that the 31197R seem to possess despite it being cheaper.

However, you should take note that this Hamilton Beach toaster oven is especially slow to heat up and is simply not reputed to be a good toaster. Thus, if you’re especially interested in speed and intend to regularly use your oven for toasting, this isn’t the right choice.

Manufacturer Product Description:

  • Fits 7.5 lbs chicken or two 12 ” pizza.
  • Cook up to 33% faster with convection
  • Revolving rotisserie for juicy meat
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient controls

Overall, this is a great BIG toaster oven but there are few complaints. Anyway, you can read more about it in comments in the amazon owner feedback at the link below.

User Feedback:

Anyway, here I put down couple of helpful comments from the user owner:EasyAzon

Pros: Baking performance, large interior size, rotisserie capability, price.

Cons: Inconsistent convection and rotisserie performance
I looked at lots of countertop ovens, and despite some of the negative statements in other reviews, bought it. I’ve found that its convection and rotisserie functions are less than wonderful, as temps vary widely and require continual manual thermostat adjustments.
On the other hand, its baking function has been just fine: accurate temps and fairly even cooking. I love the larger interior size (when compared to other toaster ovens), and rotisserie capability. It’s certainly more energy efficient than heating up a large oven for small roasts, casseroles, and small baking products, like muffins.
lowegirl from Epinions.com

I just bought one of these for my son for Christmas. We broke it in Christmas day — my granddaughter made a beautiful and delicious baked hen. Setup was a breeze, just take it out of the box, wipe it down and plug it in. I didn’t notice a long warm up time as someone else stated, and it did take a little longer to cook the chicken than the recipe (using a standard oven) suggested. My son has used the rotisserie to cook game hens and he reports it works very well. As soon as I recover from Christmas spending, I’ll get one for myself!!!! Bought this one at WalMart for $82 and it was Site to Store, so no shipping charged.
Rebecca McCloud from Amazon.com user feedback.

Hamilton Beach 31197R Product Review Summary

Personally, I think this toaster oven cook very quickly and very large size! At nearly 19″ wide and 15″ tall, it’s bulky, but it’s also capable of cooking two 12″ pizzas at the same time – a rare feat for a toaster oven. I think this one is on sales now at Walmart, Target and etc with the price below $100.

Overall, I think Hamilton Beach has done a fairly good job when it comes to making toaster ovens. They are certainly an alternative alongside names like Cuisinart and Black & Decker.