If you are active in the kitchen department, you will understand how important it is to find mixers that are just right for their intended purposes. Be it for mixing cake mixtures or beating up eggs or making pie, mixers are very important.

You will have heard of Cuisinart if you know mixers well enough. Cuisinart mixers, whether the stand mixers or the hand mixers, are a terrific addition to your kitchen collection.

I came to like Cuisinart mixers through its real-life efficiency. The powerful motor is wonderful! It handles lots of heavy dough and icing with ease. Especially useful when I need to make a lot and using materials that varies widely in texture; from really thin mixtures to really thick ones. The slow start keeps flour-type ingredients from going all over the kitchen counter top. I have nothing much to clean after! Saves time, saves energy and really convenient.

Let’s start this review with the Cuisinart Sm-55

Cuisinart SM-55

Cuisinart Mixer Reviews


Great features of the Cuisinart SM-55

This powerful 800W mixer can handle heavy baking projects like none other. On the first impression it does look a bit flimsy and light-weighted, but it’s so stable that it doesn’t jitter at all when kneading dough, and on the plus side, it really is lightweight so you can move it around easily.

The included attachments: whisk, dough hook and paddle are dishwasher safe, and I just love the splash guard, even though it doesn’t splash much due to its clever slow-starting design. All the attachments and the bowl are easy to remove and clean.

Oh, and I really must mention the timer. This is a rather well-thought feature as I can leave the Cuisinart SM-55 working on timer while I do other stuff, but I do note that the buttons are too easy to push and a few others have also commented that they tend to mistakenly set the timer too long.

Versatile Mixer

Cuisinart SM-55 is also versatile in the way that you can buy attachments for a whole slew of other functions. These are blender, food processor, citrus juicer, meat grinder and pasta maker attachments, which can all be bought separately as you wish.

And last but not least, Cuisinart SM-55 has a commendable 5-year warranty on its motor. This is so comforting that I can live with the fact that it looks like a sewing machine on my countertop (this was pointed out by a reviewer and the image has stuck in my mind ever since, haha…).

Cuisinart Mixer Reviews


Cuisinart CHM-3 Electronic Hand Mixer

Cuisinart Mixer Reviews

The Cuisinart CHM-3 Electronic Hand Mixer 3 Speed is a powerful mixer suitable for all kinds of mixing. It is light and small, which provides for comfortable holding and easy storage. There is an exclusive swivel cord for both right-handed and left-handed use. The product also comes with a recipe book and a three year limited warranty.

The unique selling point of this product is that it has extra long self cleaning beaters with no center posts, which makes this product very easy to clean. This is what attracts most people to buy this hand mixer. The extra long beaters bring a lot of fluff into egg whites in no time and customers have also been very pleased with the results. Although there are only three speed controls, most customers have been delighted at the power of the mixer—it handles heavy batter very well. The stylish design also adds points to it.

However, some customers have complained that Cuisinart CHCuisinart SM-55BC 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer, Brushed ChromeM-3 hand mixeris too powerful even on its lowest speed, such that batter splatters all over the kitchen. For a handful, the mixer wasn’t durable enough. The plastic gear stripped because it couldn’t take the heat.

If you need a light mixer for heavy duty mixing, and you want something that is very easy to wash, I’d say this is the mixer for you.

Just a reminder though: if you are going to buy this product, make sure you get a deep mixing bowl or you are going to create a mess!

Cuisinart Mixer Reviews


Cuisinart PowerSelect CHM-7 Mixer

Cuisinart Mixer Reviews

The Cuisinart PowerSelect CHM-7 Mixer comes bundles with a 220watt mixing motor, which means it can handle the range of tasks expected of a hand mixer. It beautifully whisks my egg whites and other light mixing tasks as expected from a hand mixer, like beating my cake icing!

What I love about the Cuisinart PowerSelect CHM-7 Mixer is that the cord makes the mixer an ambidextrous device. With that, my left-handed son can always be “asked” to help out with the mixing duties. In addition, I seem to notice that, unlike other hand mixer brand designs, using the Cuisinart PowerSelect CHM-7 Mixer for a prolonged period of time doesn’t strain my wrists and arms, which I find as being a pleasant surprise. (And to address those who don’t like white, the Cuisinart PowerSelect CHM-7 Mixer also comes in pink)

With that said, the Cuisinart PowerSelect CHM-7 Mixer also comes with drawbacks. My mixer work fine until now but I do read that there are some complaints about it has a rather short lifespan. Well, I hope my Cuisinart PowerSelect Hand Mixer can last long. Anyway, what I’m glad is this Cuisinart SM-55BC 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer, Brushed Chrome Mixer comes with a 3 years warranty, which takes off the worry that the mixer has a short life-span.


Cuisinart Mixer Reviews

Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer

Cuisinart Mixer Reviews

An experienced baker would love to have better control over the mixing especially when it is done by hand. The Cuisinart HM-70 holds rank over other Cuisinart hand mixers because it has 7 speeds and has a slow start feature to avoid puffing up the flour and churning the mixture all over the place. The 220 watt motor is just right for all the jobs a hand mixer can do, but I wouldn’t dream of using this Cuisinart hand mixer to knead bread doughs.

Slow Start Feature
This hand mixer starts slow – at speed 1 – when you turn it on, so it doesn’t splatter mixture and puff up the flour. This is an advantage over most powerful hand mixers!

Good Power for Hand Mixer
For a hand mixer, 220-watt is just right. I wouldn’t think of using this for any heavy job like kneading bread doughs, so I would respectfully object to another reviewer’s opinion that this mixer deserves less stars because it didn’t include dough hooks.

Hand mixers are not for doughs! Save that for the powerful stand mixers like KitchenAid Professional 5 Plus or KitchenAid Professional 600. Besides, won’t you feel tired holding a mixer all the time while it struggles with heavy dough? It’s like walking a wild hound, really.

The Cuisinart HM-70 is good enough for some light whipping tasks like cream, cookie batter, mash potatoes or whipping egg whites into stiff peaks.

Not Quite for Big Hands
The beater release trigger is not the usual button on top but a lever for the index finger. A reviewer claim that this is not a good position for big hands such as your husband’s because he might accidentally eject the beaters while helping you to mix dough!

Having 7 speeds to choose from, this hand mixer certainly becomes loud when you turn it to high speed. The cooling fan sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

Well, the Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed HaCuisinart SM-55BC 5-1/2-Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer, Brushed Chromend Mixer is a nice hand mixer for right or left-handers with its swivel cord, the beaters are dishwasher safe, and it includes a spatula and 3-year warranty as well. If you don’t mind the noise, go ahead and get it.

Cuisinart Mixer Reviews


That’s it for our coverage of the Cuisinart hand and stand mixer category!  For more information, please check out our other reviews, and happy mixing!