The Best Compressor Ice Cream Makers in 2017Ice cream makers are important part of the home. They are a basic appliance in the kitchen and a must-have if you are an ice cream lover. However, there are different kinds of ice cream makers designed to suit your needs. Compressor ice cream makers are suitable for freezing the gel for up to 24 hours. The machines are cool and amazing and can completely automate the process of making an ice cream. This is as


  • Compressor ice cream makers can freeze and mix ice cream in a very short time, usually just about 60 minutes and most of them do not require pre-freezing.
  • Compressor ice cream makers are automated machines. This means that you can make delicious and rich ice cream with ease.
  • With compressor ice cream makers, you do not have to put the bowl in a freezer for up to 8 minutes before using it.
  • Most compressor type ice cream makers usually come with recipe books that feature different approaches of making ice creams.
  • Compressor ice cream makers are usually pricy. Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice cream maker is a good example. The ice cream maker costs about $268.99.


You really need to know how to select compressor ice cream makers to be able to get what you want. The question of cost, price and capacity really comes to play when it comes to selecting an ice cream maker but it all depends on what you really want.

The Best Compressor Ice Cream Makers in 2017Capacity

You have to consider the capacity of the ice cream maker when selecting one for your personal or household usage. You can go for 1 quart ice cream makers if the ice cream is for a single person but if you have a large home then you might consider going for 4 quarts or even six quarts ice cream maker.


Besides the capacity, the price is also an important factor to consider. The cost of ice cream makers differ significantly. Compressor ice cream makers are usually costly but of course there are a few exceptions. However, you should not only consider cost if you want to get a good ice cream maker but you should also consider the features and capacity of the ice cream maker.


The features of an ice cream maker distinguish it from another. Built-in compressor is a distinguishing feature of compressor ice cream makers which makes them quite exclusive and different from other kinds of ice cream makers. You can also consider some other features to get the best bang for the bucks and of course if your target is to make superb and rich ice cream then this is obviously an important factor.

The Best Compressor Ice Cream Makers in 2017Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker

Price: $218.00

Cuisinart ICE-100 is a compressor type ice cream maker produced by Cuisinart and sold at $268.99 and having some wonderful features.

  • It is a completely automatic machine and has a high quality commercial compressor. The compressor has a capacity of one and half quarts ice cream.
  • This compressor can be used in making both gelato and ice cream, thus it comes with two peddles with one used for ice cream and the other used for gelato.
  • It also has a keep cool feature which keeps your ice cream and gelato cool after the timer has gone off.
  • It has a 60-minute countdown timer comprising a blue LCD readout and a touchpad.
  • The two mixing paddles and the 60-minute countdown timer ensure that the ice cream has the perfect consistency.

The Cuisinart ICE-100 also comes with a transparent lid which aids you to watch the mixing action, a recipe book that makes it easy for you to prepare rich and creamy ice cream without any stress. The features of this ice cream maker are really awesome and obviously it earned it up to 4.4 out of 5 stars.

The Best Compressor Ice Cream Makers in 2017Mr. Freeze EIM-550 Maxi-Matic 1.5 Quart Ice Cream Maker with Compressor, White/Chrome

Price: $187.34

Mr. Freezer EIM-550 ice cream maker is a compressor type ice cream maker produced by Maximatic and sold at $156.68 according you a great discount. It comes in two colors namely white and chrome.

  • The ice cream is made of a heavy duty aluminum freezing canister and it has a capacity of 1.5 quart.
  • The machine is easy to clean and does not require any technicality to operate.
  • You do not need to use rock salt and ice when churning to prevent the mixture from becoming watery.
  • The bucket needs to be frozen up to four hours ahead of time and your ice cream mix has to be chilled for as long as possible.
  • The ice cream maker also comes with recipe and instructions that help you make ice cream yourself.
  • Freeze is probably the cheapest compressor ice cream maker out there in the market and this makes it excellent option for people who need compressor ice cream makers but cannot afford the costly ones.

Although Mr. Freeze is a great ice cream maker, some users are not quite comfortable with some of its features. Thus, it has a users’ rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars.

The Best Compressor Ice Cream Makers in 2017VonShef Professional Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker With Built-in Compressor, 1.6-Quart Capacity, LCD display and 60 minute timer

Price: $299.99

VonShelf Professional ice cream maker is manufactured by VonShelf and sold at $179.99 thus according you a remarkable saving.

  • It is a 1.6 quart capacity premium and automated ice cream maker.
  • It makes low noise, has removable bowl and can be easily cleaned.
  • It does not require any freezing but has a built in compressor.
  • It has an LCD display and digital timer which can be set from 10 to 50.

The ice cream maker is great for exploring a whole new world of taste. It has a users’ rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars and of course its features are worth more than the rating. The ice cream maker was even featured in the Independent’s Top 10 Ice Cream Makers of 2015.