Cuisinart is undoubtedly a trusted brand when it comes to food processors. In fact, Cuisinart food processors are the most renowned in the industry, with a reputation that is on par with that of KitchenAid and Hamilton Beach. With a size that allows for bigger chunks of food to be processed without prior chopping and high powered motors that are speed adjustable, Cuisinart food processors have certainly been a leader in quality and convenience.

Among other good remarks of Cuisinart food processors are their high quality blades and dough kneading functions. They are also especially better at processing softer food. This point is especially notable when compared with KitchenAid products. Top that up with the instructional DVD that guarantees a smooth start, and you’ve got yourself true value for your money.

Advantages of the Cuisinart Food Processor Lines:

  • The large feed tube makes it quick and easy to add in bigger-sized food without having to cut them up.
  • The Lexan work bowl which is heat resistant. It’s very durable too.
  • The high powered motor adjusts its speed automatically to ensure proper consistency of your food.
  • The blades are of good quality (firm and solid) and the other removable parts locks into place smoothly.
  • They make very good dough with the dough kneading function. If you make a lot of bread I would recommend Cuisinart models over KitchenAid ones.
  • Same goes for processing softer food, Cuisinart food processors cycles the food through the blade perfectly. I love to make dips and spreads with my Cuisinart food processors!
  • The lever that attaches to the blades makes it so much convenient to remove them. I don’t have to put my fingers in the food at all.
  • Cuisinart food processors come with instructional DVD.

A few other features to note is that the blades for Cuisinart models is dropped on, unlike KitchenAid ones which are fixed. The bowl and lid can be removed together too. I have yet to come across any feature that I really dislike about the Cuisinart models, but some users claim that the blades don’t suck down the food, and that the customer service is not as helpful as expected.

So without further adieu, let’s go over some of the most popular Cuisinart Food Processor models in 2016.

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews

The large bowl and chute makes it easy for all kinds of chopping, mixing and pureeing jobs. One reviewer mentioned that the chute is large enough to feed a third of a cabbage.

“It has the largest feed tube of any processor for home use, a very powerful motor, and it is big enough to handle almost anything even for a large party.” – Bill Stevenson, at Amazon.

All dishwasher safe parts (except the motor base, of course) will certainly put some minds to rest, but if you are handwashing it, try using a toothbrush for the shredding disc.

There are others complaining that the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor doesn’t start when all the parts are not perfectly aligned, causing much frustration and waste of time.

This is not a common complaint among the users so it could be that the safety feature requires you to master the skill of locking it into place. Others have managed it and said that it was better to have this safety feature because the chute is large enough to fit your hand in, and the powerful motor and sharp blades are certainly strong enough to cut anybody’s head off.

“I’m happy about the safety features because I had to get stitches a few years ago after cutting my fingers on a handheld blender because I was tired and not paying attention…The 14 cup size is perfect for a family of 4 or more, and really even if you are only cooking for 2, this is still a great machine. I like cooking extra food so I have leftovers for later. Fast and Easy! I’m very happy I decided to spend the money. I highly recommend this product.” – Jane Caroll, reviewer at Amazon.

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews

Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor

The Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor is great for slicing, shredding and chopping.

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews

Cut Big or Small, More or Less
This 14-cup food processor comes with two extra smaller-size bowls and different sizes of blades for you to choose from. The smaller bowls nest within the large one.

What’s nice about this is that you can use the smallest bowl for mixing the salad dressing, and then take it out and leave it aside while you chop the other salad ingredients in the medium or large bowl. The feed tube is large so you don’t ever have to pre-cut the food to fit.

Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor gives many slicing and shredding options, since the slicing disc is adjustable from 1mm to 6mm, while the shredding disc is reversible for fine to medium shreds.

The chopping, slicing and shredding blades only fit the medium and large bowls, while the plastic dough blade can only be used in the large bowl. You’ll have to scrape the sides if you’re mixing just a small amount of dough, so this model is not really a great processor for mixing dough.

This food processor is very powerful even though the motor is not an induction one. The 1000 watt motor is higher than its Cuisinart counterparts. But beware, it is large and difficult to store away.

I’d say the Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor is the best choice if you are looking for a food processor for all kinds of chopping jobs. It even has an accessory case to keep the blades away from kids.

“…if you are someone who wants a variety of bowl sizes and blades, then I’d say the Elite would be the best choice.” – A. Chandler, reviewer from Amazon.

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews

Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBMY Prep 9 9-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel


Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews



9-cup is a very good size for the family that cooks regularly, and Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB Prep 9 9-Cup Food Processor is the one to choose if you need more room than the 7-cup medium size food processor.

1. Big Feed Tube
A large feed tube means that you save time pre-cutting all the food to stuff in. You can also add liquids on the fly and they don’t splatter if you use the smaller opening that is available.

2. Quiet Operation
This food processor runs quietly. A number of users have complimented on its quiet operation.

3. Works with other attachments
If you have the Cuisinart DLC-2007N Prep 7 7-cup model, the blades and attachments fit this one as well.

4. Attractive and easy to clean
The base is brushed stainless. It is very easy to wipe clean after each use. The other parts are easy to clean too.

“My fiancé walked in and said, “Wow, are you already done with that? I didn’t even hear you.” (The machine is quieter than my blender.) While I plated the salad, he washed the parts quickly with a soapy sponge and was surprised how easy it was.” – S. Albertini “Speedwell”, reviewer at Amazon.

5. Efficient
Sharp blades and a powerful motor makes a good food processor. The veggies chop evenly with a few pulses and meat doesn’t get pureed.

From the reviews, most users chose the Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB Prep 9 9-Cup Food Processor over other similar models because of its bigger chute. If you need a food processor that has a large chute or feed tube, this is the one to get.

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews

Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews

The Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor is similar to the Cuisinart DLC 9-cup model except for its capacity.

The new model has a lid that can be taken off without removing the pusher first, which was the case with the old Cuisinart DLC-2011.

The Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor is good for all kinds of jobs from chopping, grating, slicing, dicing, pureeing and mixing dough for bread.

Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor is a heavy baby. If you have to store it away each time, it might be a good idea to keep it somewhere easy to lift out.

Better still, let it sit on the counter top because it looks really good with white color. The base is easy to wipe clean.

Cleaning is not difficult but it has nooks and crannies in some parts which will only air dry after cleaning. You can use the dishwasher to clean this though. I wouldn’t use it for small jobs because you’ll go into too much trouble cleaning up afterward.

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews

Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 2.0 14 Cup Food Processor

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews


This Food Processor rounds up one of the most powerful models on the market.


Now when you are looking for a large food processor you want something that can handle a lot of things in its container before you have to empty it to make room for more, apparently this Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 14 Cup Food Processor is up to that challenge, having a 14 cup capacity you can be certain that it is double of what your regular sized one would have.

Now a large cup size would not is not something you want to base a food processor on (or a woman for that matter), even with all that capacity, if it fails to perform as well as the regular ones then it would be totally worthless, just a big jar. So here is the verdict on the Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 14 Cup Food Processor after I have put it through more than its fair share of work load.

Versatile and Good Performance

The unit came with 4 attachments, a slicer, grater, and two blades; also a spatula and the tube like thing which I think is also for stirring. So after assembly and clearing some stuff off the counter I started to get this new processor going, this has buttons which reminds me of the touch ones I have on my microwave, they have the regular off on and pulse and an extra button called dough, and according to the name I think this is obviously a special function which is for kneading dough, not surprised at all I was right, it kneads pretty well.

The feeding tube is really wide, which allows for a number of things to go in at once, being the time stricken person I am I usually shove as much as I can into the processor so I can get things over with sooner, lucky for me with this one there is still more space inside to cope with the massive input trough the feed tube, 14 cups with a wide opening is really something that can reduce the time it takes for me to process.

The motor runs fairly smooth, even when I hold down the pulse button it doesn’t jerk neither does the speed and power fluctuate, this offers me a uniform slice of capsicum, I even use it for tomatoes. The large jar is also dishwasher safe, so after each use I just toss it in the dish washing machine to get a well cleaned jar ready for another use.

This set comes with an extra how to video from Cuisinart, too bad I don’t have an ancient VCR lying around my house to play it, wish they gave it in a more modern and acceptable disc format. There is also a collection of recipes included, which lets you utilize the processor to its full potential.

A Few Downsides

However even as big as the Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 14 Cup Food Processor may be, it seems that it does not feel entirely durable, the jar does feel like it’s made from tough plastic, but I have had numerous appliances made from the same type of plastic and had them break after a few bumps here and there, the buttons are also not that appealing, I honestly didn’t like them, I would prefer a more secure feeling paddle over these buttons. The unit itself is of course large but there were places where it could have been smaller, like maybe provide a removable lid for when you do not want to use the feed tube.

So overall Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 14 Cup Food Processor is a good large food processor, also for the price I wouldn’t complain about it too much, but if you were going to complain then you should consider buying a Cuisinart custom 14 which would definitely cost a little more but works better.

Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews