Emjoi AY-6R Prestige 21 Tweezer Epilator ReviewEmjoi AY-6R Prestige 21 Tweezer Epilator Review

Choosing an epilator depends entirely upon personal choice and needs. Before buying one you need to know the features the epilators possess and whether it will fulfill your needs. The Emjoi AY-6R Prestige 21 Tweezer Epilatoris a perfect choice for beginners to shave off unwanted hairs painlessly and without getting into unwanted mess. It virtually removes unwanted hair from the root to leave behind smooth silky skin for a long lasting period of 6 weeks.

An Overview

Prestige 21 Tweezer Epilator is a uniquely designed epilator featuring 21 extra gentle tweezers that removes hair almost painlessly and efficiently. It saves money and time at the same time. The epilator also includes features such as shaver, trimmer attachment and adjustable two tiered speed setting. This Emjoi Epilator provides both corded and cordless facility which can be used accordingly. This feature helps in making the epilator portable and easy to use. It is compact to fit in the traveling kit, hence, apt for carrying wherever you go. The Epilator, 3 x 1.5 x 10 inches in dimensions, is perfect for providing total grip.


  • Virtually painless process of getting rid of unwanted hair from the root.
  • The AY-6R Prestige 21 Tweezer Epilator comprises of 21 gentle tweezer discs which removes hair effectively and efficiently.
  • I results in a long lasting smooth and clean skin for almost 6 weeks.
  • The epilator removes hair from root due to which the re-growth of hair is fine and unnoticeable.
  • It is compact and easy to use. It comfortably fits in the hand to give firm grip and total control.
  • The epilator provides dual corded and cordless recharging facilities.

Affordable Price and Money back Guarantee

The Emjoi AY-6R Prestige 21 Tweezer Epilator is available on Amazon site for a discounted price for $34.95. There is also a 30 days money back guarantee so that you can return the epilator if not fully satisfied with it. With such an affordable price and money back offer it is indeed a great deal to invest upon especially for beginners who don’t want to invest too much in the beginning.

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Emjoi AY-6R Prestige 21 Tweezer Epilator Review