Emjoi Divine Hair Remover

Emjoi AP-17SE Divine Hair Remover


Epilation is the answer to all the hair removal problems of women worldwide. Not only is the method fast but it also tends to remove facial as well as body hair from the root, eliminating hair growth in the long run. The Emjoi Divine Hair Remover is currently being ranked amongst one of the most effective epilators globally.


The specifications of the epilator are as impressive as its overall build. The modern and compact epilator consists of 36 tweezers, which make hair removal very swift and painless due to the fact that hair is removed immediately. With dual speed, women can now within a couple of minutes remove unwanted hair from the body as well as the face. With the new glide technology in the Emjoi epilator, no irritation and discomfort can be felt on the skin, which is something that all women want in the first place. It is rechargeable. However, it works both with cord and cordlessly and has two speeds. Upon using the epilator, women can enjoy smooth and hairless skin for around six weeks and more.


With its many benefits and high end technology, Emjoi Divine Hair Remover is definitely a crowd pleaser. The product is exceptionally durable which means that it is going to last for a long period of time. With silver ion technology, the epilator effectively even removes flat as well as tiny hair which can otherwise go unnoticed. The items the epilator arrives with are very impressive and they include exfoliation attachment, massaging finger attachment, shave head attachment, cleaning brush, instruction booklet, and charging cod (11ov only). The epilator is to be used for the face and the body.


The only drawback of using this Emjoi epilator is the fact that it is made for 110v only and countries whereas more voltage (power supply) is used need to purchase separate ones for that matter.


The ultimate hair remover is now available in the market on sale for just $27.45. Women who are looking for painless, efficient and swift epilation are highly recommended to buy this Emjoi epilator because it arrives with many high end attachments and items that make it one of the best epilators online as well as in the markets. It is one of those fabulous epilators which are extremely gentle on the face and cause no sort of irritation in the entire process, making it a great choice
Emjoi AP-17SE Divine Hair Remover