Emjoi AP-9 Epi Slim Epilator

AP-9L Epi Slim Cosmetic Hair Remover Review

Removal of unwanted hair can be done through waxing, laser and with hair removal cream, but it entails endless pain and leaves behind dark patches. For beginners waxing can be a tough thing as going through the pain is too much and at the same time it is too messy. These products are not even portable and convenient to use anywhere. Epilators are a modern day approach of removing hair by both men and women. It is far less time consuming, can be done on your own and cost effectively. If you’re looking for a cost-effective epilator, the Emjoi AP-9 Epi Slim is a perfect choice as a handy portable and easy to use product.

Product Review

Emjoi AP-9 Epi Slim Epilator having dimension 1.9 x 5.2 x 8.1 inches and weighing 4 ounces is a compact epilator which removes unwanted hair from the root from even the delicate areas like upper lip, chin, and cheek and bikini line. The auto tweezer discs of Emjoi AP-9 Epi Slim Epilator remove hair with high comfort and low pain. The tweezer tip pulling system lifts up and removes hair keeping the skin taut. It also includes a narrow strip of tweezer disc which epilates gently even on the delicate areas and is apt for grooming eyebrows. The epilator is uniquely designed with special technology to give antimicrobial protection. The contoured design of AP-9 Epi Slim Cosmetic Hair Remover gives it perfect shape to fit in hand and have a firm grip to provide maximum control. It is compact enough to fit in the traveling bag and carried anywhere. It is easy to use and can be used single handedly. Ideal for touch ups, the Emjoi AP-9 Epi Slim Epilator is battery operated and can be recharged.

What are the perks of this epilator?

  • Using this model gives a low -pain epilating session and results in clean and smooth skin for up to 6 long weeks.
  • It is slim enough to give you firm grip while epilating and make the process comfortable.
  • This model keeps the skin taut, therefore, while removing hair you don’t experience stretching, pinching and unnecessary grabbing of skin.
  • It is compact and portable to be carried anywhere.
  • This epilator is ideal for using on large areas like legs and under arms as well as delicate areas like upper lip, chin, and cheek and bikini line.
  • At a low and affordable price of $24.95 with free shipping, it is one of the cheapest low-end power tweezers you can buy.

It’s… one of the less expensive Emjoi epilators, what can I say?  You get what you pay for

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AP-9L Epi Slim Cosmetic Hair Remover Review