I always like the idea of waking up each morning and having a good cup of fresh smoothies or fruit juice. Tribest has the best blenders in the single serving range, which is convenient fo young and single people on the go. It is important that one gets sufficient amount out nutrients to remain healthy, and there’s nothing like a refreshing blend of fruits and vegetable on a healthy diet.

The BPA-free polycarbonate containers and cups is also another reason why we love Tribest blenders so much. This is because according to some research, the BPA found in containers can actually seep into the food and later into the human body system which could be very harmful to our well being.

We’ll start our reviews off with one of the more popular Tribest items – the Tribest PB-250 Personal Blender.

Tribest PB-250 Personal Blender

Tribest Personal Blender Reviews

If you are always on the go and loves traveling, the Tribest Personal Blender is the one stop solution to all your needs! Awarded as the silver award in the equipment category of the 2008 Alive Awards of Excellence, this blender is definitely something I could not live without.

The biggest benefit about this small Tribest blender is that not a lot of air will get incorporated into your blend since the container is so small. The Tribest Personal blender now includes the commuter sipping lid. On top of that, this 200 watt kitchen utensil comes with two different blades- one is the standard grinding blade and the other is the mixing/blending blade.

This Tribest small personal blender is so small that you could use it at your workplace or for travel. One user leaves the base at work and personally brings just enough ingredients for a fresh smoothie everyday without fail! I imagine a smoothie or coffee frapp to bring on-the-go every morning is also a fabulous idea.

A Very Personal Indulgence

A small package with a fiery punch – that sums up this Tribest small personal blender. Perfect for a room-constrained kitchen, it plugs into any household outlet. Equipped with four lids for easy storage, this blender is great for anything from smoothies to cocktails by making use of the two modes (pulse or continuous blending).

Convenient and hassle free, you do not need to worry about making a mess or lugging around a bulky blender. Compared to larger blenders, it is easier to clean and less noisy as well. Additionally, in comparison to traditional cup blenders, this blender has a higher quality.

Not Extremely Powerful but Great for Travel

A word of caution: the measurement marks on the side of the cups are hard to read. If the cups are washed by mistake, the plastic become fuzzy. Besides that, try to use small ice-cubes because this small blender can handle it better and will be more durable. Even if this blender breaks within a year, the price that you pay will certainly be worth it.

The biggest benefit about this small personal blender is that not a lot of air will get incorporated into your blend since the container is so small. Normally, the contents expand in a normal size blender and this will make you feel bloated but this model is just the perfect size for a refreshing drink!

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Tribest PB-150 Single Serving Personal Blender

Tribest Personal Blender Reviews

Just like the Tribest Personal Blender, Tribest Single Serving Blender is also a 200-watt motor blending with the ability to blend frozen fruits or even grind coffee beans. Instead of using one big chunky blender, the Tribest single serving blender is compact and light weight that could be your traveling partner as well.

Unlike the conventional blender, this blender is so versatile and easy to use. All you need to do is to place the ingredients into the polycarbonate cup that is given, screwed on the blending lid, then place the cup upside down, and blend, blend, blend! It is that easy and simple and, in fact, it also could be used as a coffee grinder or to make baby food!

It is great for portion control and the ingredients blended could be drink straight out of the polycarbonate cup. This means that there is no need to transfer the ingredients into another cup or mug. This is perfect for people who are always only making juice for one. You’ll just have to clean that one cup.

This blender also comes with two 16 oz. containers, two 8 oz. containers, container lids, a blending blade, and a grinding blade. If you happened to be late for work and still need that protein shake, just blend and put on the lid to bring the cup with you. Now you can drink it while you commute!

Blending have never been so fun and easy in the past. The Tribest Single Serving BlTribest Personal Blender PB-250 Complete Blender and Grinder Packageender can make anyone look forward to blending nutritious juice in the morning for a healthy start of the day. It will change your lifestyle to be more nourishing and fulfilling!

Tribest Personal Blender Reviews