Hamilton Beach Blender Reviews

Hamilton Beach blenders are known for their lightweight design and single serve blenders that are convenient for people on the go. Many of the Hamilton Beach single serve blenders have the jar to double as a mug that can be brought with you when you go out in the morning. A travel lid is included too. This also means that you have less parts to clean up afterward.

There are Hamilton Beach blenders that have one simple pulse button, and there are some that come with variable speeds. But usually they are not complicated to use, and even easier to clean. The stainless steel blades are durable and the Wave-Action system pulls the ingredients down to the blades to make sure that no chunks of ice is left floating around after blending.

Hamilton Beach 51101 Single Serve Blender

Hamilton Beach Blender Reviews

Take your drink to go with this Hamilton Beach blender with a travel lid over the jar that doubles as a cup. Convenient single-serving size. Fitting most car cup holders, you can now prepare a healthy dose of perk-me-up energy drinks and take it with you to the office for a healthier morning beverage instead of the conventional cappuccino. I bet all your colleagues will turn green with envy seeing you having such a nourishing and wholesome drink and who knows! Maybe they will all end up following your step!

The easy storage of this blender is yet another factor on why I fancy this blender so much. There is no longer the need to store big and chunky blenders into the kitchen cabinet, so I can save more space for other necessary kitchen appliances. However it is important to note that this blender is not suitable to process hard food such as meat or huge chunky ice cubes. Always remember to break the ice into smaller chunks before placing it into the blending jar. With its simple one push button, this Hamilton Beach blender is certainly ideal for a fast and easy blending!


  • 175-watt single-serve blender for smoothies, shakes, and more
  • Simple one-touch operation; durable stainless-steel blades
  • 14-ounce blending jar doubles as a travel cup; less to clean
  • Fits most car cup holders; travel lid and recipe book included
  • Measures 3-3/4 by 3-3/4 by 12-1/2 inches

Take your drink to go-use the travel lid to drink from the jar. Convenient single-serving size. Great for fruit smoothies, icy drinks, shakes and more. Stainless steel blades. One-touch blending. Easy storage. Less cleaning.

Hamilton Beach 51101 Single-Serve Blender with Travel Lid

  • Jar twists and locks into place on the base
  • Comes with a travel lid to take your drink on the go
  • Cord wraps around the base
  • Not intended for all food – manual says not to process hard foods such as cheese, crackers or meat. A maximum of 12 tablespoons can be ground at a time. Do not try to mash potatoes, mix stiff dough, whip egg whites, grind raw meat or extract juice from fruit or veggies.
  • Container cover has filler cap that can be removed to insert small objects when blending
  • Can not use big chunks of ice. You need to break them down. I have an ice tray where the shape is a small circle (half ball) and it was fine. Perhaps this is what you can use those holiday themed ice trays for. Some of those sizes which I have seem I think would work in this.
  • NOT dishwasher safe – but easy clean up – rinse, put water and soap in jar, blend for a minute, empty, rinse again and you’re done.
  • No complicated speeds or choices – one push button
  • I can’t find it on the box or in the manual but according to Amazon, the motor has 175 watts of power

“While this might not do what a full size blender can, this is a great blender for smoothies, drinks, shakes and to grind coffee. I love that it’s small, the cord wraps around the base and I can use this thing at night and not wake up the neighbors! – K. Maxwell”

“I was looking for a very small blender to make smoothies in my very small kitchen. This seemed like a good size and it does work pretty well. I make smoothies from just yogurt and cut-up fruit and 2 small ice cubes. This blender has a tendency to get stuck on just spinning around and not chopping very well unless I shake it to get the fruit and ice to the bottom. Also, I must hold it in place or it will spin right off the base. In other words, it doesn’t lock in place. For my purposes it works fine but I wouldn’t recommend it for heavier jobs.” -PCLane, Amazon

Hamilton Beach Blender Reviews


Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Multi Function Blender

Hamilton Beach Blender Reviews

Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender makes blending effortless and easier. The result? A more even and smoother drink is produced! Wave technology system helps in denoting the ingredients in the blender to always be positioned towards the blade.

This Hamilton Beach blender is exceptionally efficient in blending even hard fruits and vegetables. The durable stainless steel blade makes blending effortless. Best of all the accessories which is dishwasher safe makes cleaning a whole lot easier for lazy people like me. This stylish appliance is easy on the eyes and comes in the classy colors of black and white.

The blades are made of stainless steel Ice SabreTM, and along with the powerful 700-Watt peak motor, it will surely give you great results easily. Just put chunks of ice or frozen items in this blender and they will turn into slushy smoothies in no time at all!

This stylish appliance is easy on the eyes and comes in the classy colors of black and white. It features 14 speeds to accommodate your various needs and a 48 oz wave-action glass jar. The glass jar is thick and locks onto its wide, sturdy base to maintain good stability. The parts of this appliance are also dishwasher friendly and easy to reassemble.

To add to that, Hamilton Beach also offers an extra long 3 years limited warranty on this product.

Many reviewers have had positive experiences with the Hamilton Beach 58148A and would recommend it to others. This is one of them:

“I absolutely love this blender. As a disclaimer, I only use this blender to make protein smoothies every morning with frozen fruit, ice, powder and liquids. It blends them perfectly every time. You can really actually see the WAVE technology fiercely mixing the ingredients up and around to make sure every item is chopped evenly. THE ICE CRUSHING IS PERFECT. I always get the perfect little crystals each time, never any chunks or sticking. I bought this model to replace an Oster that was more expensive. I had to replace the Oster twice in 4 months after both of them broke. I finally decided to just go with another manufacturer. This Hamilton Beach is a lot sturdier. With my Oster model, the bottom of the glass portion wasn’t wide enough and it always seemed a bit shaky on the base (like an upside down triangle). This glass container has a wide enough bottom where it sits in the base secure and locks in. It also looks great on the counter. I have a very modern, updated kitchen with black and stainless steel and this goes perfectly with everything else. Also, the glass container is very thick and doesn’t feel or look cheap. I would definitely recommend Hamilton Beach over other types of blenders.”
By Alicia “Bonita Morenita”, Miami, FL

Hamilton Beach Blender Reviews