Mmm… just the idea of freshly cooked pancakes, bacon and sausage on a weekend morning is enough to make your mouth water. There’s something so spectacular about being able to whip up a classic breakfast and enjoy it with your loved ones. When it’s time for lunch or dinner, perhaps you’re craving a grilled cheese or a cheesy quesadilla.

Foods like this call for an electric griddle. While yes, they can certainly be made on the stovetop, they don’t cook quite as evenly and you certainly can cook as much as you would be able to on one. These appliances are an excellent addition to your kitchen, especially if it is small in size, or you are going to be cooking up a batch of your signature French toast for a large crowd.

If you’re interested in learning more , you have come to the right place! Here’s a more detailed look at what an electric griddle is, the types that are available and things that you should consider when purchasing one.

About Electric GriddlesPortable Griddle Cooktop All Clad

Electric griddles are very similar to a pan in that they have a flat surface that receives constant heat. However, they differ from traditional pans that can be used on the stove top because they are larger and they provide a dedicated cooking surface. These appliances will provide you with a large surface that you can dedicate to cooking one specific type of food. The great thing about this is that you have plenty of space to accommodate all of the pancakes, bacon or sausage that you want to cook without hogging up the surface of your stove. Plus, you’ll be able to cook a whole lot more with a single pan when you use one of thesee. When you cook these things in a pan on the stovetop, you are severely limited on the amount of space you have available to use. So, if you’re going to be cooking a big breakfast, you’ll need to use at least two, if not three pans on the stovetop in order to accommodate all of the food that a single one of these accommodate and cook.

Much like a stovetop, which has temperature gauges to control the temperature that a burner is heated to, they tend to have a temperature gauge that can be used to set it to the proper temperature. Typically, this temperature gauge can be set to low, medium or high; however, there are some models that do allow you to set the griddle to a specific temperature.

Things to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Griddle

There are several different types on the market, which means that knowing which one to select can be a challenge. By making the following considerations, you will be able to pick the best one for your specific needs:

  • Presto_Tiltn_Drain_Big_Electric_GriddleThe Size

    All griddles have a large, flat surface to cook on; however, the size of that griddle can certainly vary. There are some griddles that have super expansive surfaces. When deciding what size griddle you should purchase, consider how many people you will be using it to cook for. If you are only cooking for yourself and your spouse, a smaller model will work just fine. However, if you are going to be cooking for your spouse and your four children, you’ll need a griddle that has a larger cooking surface.
  • The SurfacePay attention to the surface of the griddle when you are shopping for one for your home. Most feature a nonstick cooking surface, which is the most preferred and the most common type cooking surface. Thanks to the nonstick surface, you won’t have to worry about any of your food getting left behind on the griddle. Cleanup on a nonstick surface is also extremely easy. In most cases, a damp sponge and a little bit of dish detergent will do the trick.
  • The Heat Controls

    As was previously mentioned, electric griddles have heat controls. These controls allow you to select the temperature that the surface of the griddle will heat up to. The heat controls can either have low, medium and high settings or they can have actual temperature settings; 450 degrees, for example. If you are going to be cooking a wide variety of foods that require a specific temperature, opt for the latter type.. This way you’ll be able take track of the temperature of the surface, which will allow you to cook the perfect pancakes, French toast, sausages, hot dogs or whatever else you’d like.
  • Grill Inserts?  Not all griddles have them, but many do. If you want to leave sear marks on your food when cooking, pop in some grill inserts. You’ll end up with food that looks as good as it smells and tastes. Do keep in mind, however, that the grill inserts won’t really do anything to the flavor of the food.
  • Dual Thermostats  Typically, a device will feature only a single thermostat; however, there are devices that feature two separate thermostats. The reason for this so that you can cook your food precisely how you want it. For example, things like bacon don’t need to be cooked as long as things like pancakes, which means that you’ll have the perfectly cooked breakfast each and every time.
  • Black and Decker electric griddle reviewA Warming Drawer or TwoWhat if you’re cooking a large order of French toast, which requires you to flip some off of the griddle to accommodate the new pieces that you are going to cook? Where do you put the French toast that is already cooked so that it doesn’t get cold? A warming drawer is the perfect feature in situations like this. A warming drawer or two is located under the surface of the griddle. The drawers slide open and you can pop your already cooked items, which will be held warm until the rest of the food is done cooking. This is definitely a feature that you should consider.
  • Drip TraysWhen you’re cooking things like hot dogs, sausage or bacon, there’s going to be grease. You don’t want that grease to sit on the surface of the griddle, as it will only lead to soggy food. Drip trays are the perfect solution to this problem. Depending on the type of model you griddle you purchase, the drip tray may be comprised of drain holes that are located on the bottom of the pan, or they may be a gutter of sorts, which collects the grease.
  • The Surface Make sure to choose one that has a nonstick cooking surface. These surfaces make clean up a breeze, which you will be very thankful for.

In today’s hectic and busy lifestyle, it really pays to have an appliance that can cook fast and leave you with not a lot of mess to clean up afterward. This is why owning an electric griddle is such a great idea. There are countless reasons for you to get one for your kitchen, but these reasons would probably top most people’s list.

Speed – preparing breakfast doesn’t have to be a time-consuming activity when you have an appliance that can get the job done in a flash. With your own electric griddle, all you have to do is plug it in and then cook. There’s no reason to complicate things more.

Stress-free cleaning – The cleanup that usually comes after eating should be as stress and hassle-free as possible. A truly great experience with an appliance is one that keeps you happy during and after its use, which means an easy to clean unit is definitely one to consider buying.

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